What makes a novel to be enjoyable or boring to a reader

I've heard it said that every writer has a story length that feels natural to them, and it takes effort to change. As anyone who's ever asked me a simple question knows, my natural length is aboutwords, more or less. That, combined with my limited artistic skills, makes the graphic novel a challenging undertaking.

What makes a novel to be enjoyable or boring to a reader

The novels belong to the high fantasy genre and follow a young boy from the discovery of his magecraft through to him becoming the greatest mage of all time. The four books are: Although this is a book that can be read and enjoyed by children and adults, its themes are far more adult than say, The Chronicles of Narnia or the Harry Potter series.

Ged, the young boy who becomes a mage is central to all four sagas and his choices dictate the stories direction. One such key moment occurs early in his training, shortly after he has been taken under the wing of Ogion, his mentor and friend.

Ged has become frustrated with his perceived lack of progress and Ogion offers him these following words of wisdom.

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You are very, very young to make this choice, but I cannot make it for you. If you wish, I will send you to Roke Island, where all high arts are taught.

Any craft you undertake to learn you will learn, for your power is great. Greater even than your pride, I hope. I would keep you here with me, for what I have is what you lack, but I will not keep you against your will.

Now choose between Re Alibi and Roke. The Shadow Ged faces many battles during his life but it is the battle within himself that stands out in the book. Ursula Le Guin shows that the demons that are inside us all should be accepted and battled rather than ignored or denied.

It is by facing these demons and overcoming them that we can truly become the person that we would all like to be.

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There is no way to go through life without making mistakes and having regrets, it is the way in which we deal with these moments that makes us into the people we are. Put simply, none of us are, or ever will be perfect.

It is how we are able to deal with our imperfections that matters. The traitor, the self, the self that cries I want to live, let the world rot so long as I can live! The little traitor soul in us, in the dark, like a spider in a box.

He talks to all of us. But only some understand him. The wizards, the singers, the makers. And the heroes, the ones who seek to be themselves. To be oneself is a rare thing, and a great one. To be oneself forever, is that not greater still? Orm Embar Ursula Le Guin has a reputation for exploring psychological and sociological themes within her books and this collection of books is no different.

These novels can be read by children and enjoyed from the perspective of magic, wizards, adventure and the beautifully imagined world of Earthsea. They can also be appreciated by adults for the thought-provoking elements that the book conjures.

This is a collection that makes you think and leaves you thinking. Earthsea Saga Earthsea Saga:She is such a funny character, and her witty comments about everyone makes it all the more enjoyable to read Hush, Hush! I’ve had so many favourite scenes from this book, because they’re so hot, and I always go back to read those specific scenes.

Just as the reader settles into the beautiful modern future, Tom who is not a solid thinker, makes a series of poor decisions that send him back in time (using his father’s untested time machine) to when Dr.

What makes a novel to be enjoyable or boring to a reader

Goettreider initially activates the engine. The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells () was one of the world’s pioneering thrillers, introducing this genre, unknown at the time, to worldwide acclaim.

More recently, Stephen King’s post. The villains, save for the Joker, were boring. I didn't care about the villains in the story at all. This graphic novel tried to be something unique and different, and while unique can sometimes be good, this time it turned into a confusing mess.

Apr 09,  · A book without complex and realistic characters that the reader cares about is not much of a book. To be able to stand in the characters shoes and experience what they are experiencing and feel the emotion they are going through to me is one of the greatest joys of caninariojana.com: Resolved.

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