Vignette writing assignment on respect

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Vignette writing assignment on respect

Write my research paper Assignment 2: Vignette AnalysisA Treatment Plan for RecoveryAs a part of improving skills for developing appropriate interventions, you will design a treatment plan that focuses on recovery and is appropriate for the particular client being treated.

In this assignment, shift your focus from stabilization to the recovery aspect of treatment. Read study a vignette. Vignette—Veronica Veronica is a year-old Mexican American woman, married, with two sons, ages 3 and 2. She has a B. Veronica came to the clinic where you work because she had been feeling depressed for three months.

The depression had started shortly after she had ended a five-week extramarital affair. During the affair, Veronica began to have flashbacks of events from 10 years in the past.

These events centered around a series of repeated rapes that occurred when she was 16 years old. In addition to distressing images of these events seeming to come into her mind out of nowhere, these flashbacks included times when Veronica would momentarily feel as if the past were occurring all over again.

When Veronica realized this affair coincided with the exact time of the year she had been raped, she broke off the affair. Nevertheless, Veronica became increasingly depressed and agitated as more memories resurfaced. It was only now, a decade later, when Veronica began to label what had occurred then as rape.

Veronica stated she had been raped repeatedly over a five-week period by a close friend of the family. This boy, who was the same age as Veronica, lived across the street. He was best friends with her brother, and so he spent a lot of time at their home. Veronica gave only a sketchy account of these incidents during the first interview and made very little eye contact with you, the interviewer.

During the interview, Veronica reported she had been a virgin prior to the rape and had trusted Mark quite a bit before the assault. She was verbally threatened by him, although no weapons or physical injuries were involved.

Veronica was subjected to a range of sex acts, including oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse. During the assaults, her most prominent reactions were feeling detached and numb, guilty, and embarrassed. The incidents were not reported to the police, and she never received medical care.

Veronica told you she often smoked marijuana.

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She was defensive about her use of it and said she did not want to quit. In addition, Veronica stated one of her previous therapists had made a big deal over her marijuana use, and the therapist had told her use of marijuana was her main problem. She had sought therapy twice before that time, and she had quit after one session.

vignette writing assignment on respect

Clinical History Veronica described her childhood as a happy one. She characterized her home as the safe house in the neighborhood where all the kids could come to play and where some found refuge from problems in their own homes. She described her father as emotionally shut off, yet spoke very fondly of him.

Her mother was a Mexican woman who had met her father in the hospital where she worked as the chief of the nursing department, and he worked in the information technology department. Veronica said she had a close and supportive relationship with her mother.

Veronica had one older brother who was best friends with Mark, the boy who had raped her.

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Veronica claimed she was close to her brother until the rape; since the rape, they rarely interacted with each other. During therapy, Veronica told you things had drastically changed since the rape.The idea behind writing case study assignment essays is to test the applicability of a theory in a real life or a similar situation so that students can derive first-hand knowledge of that situation.

However, the difficulties in writing case studies often overshadow the growing interest of the student in that subject. This vignette is a wonderful example (from the perspective of the observer, that is) of when a psychologist, without warning and without any contributing behavior on the part of the psychologist, is suddenly confronted with the possibility of entering a multiple relationship.

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Twelve vignettes were generated from actual child welfare cases. The names have been changed, and certain elements have been omitted to safeguard confidentiality.

While the case information is incomplete, the vignettes are designed to prompt discussion about children’s experiences of safety. Use ImageMagick® to create, edit, compose, convert bitmap images. With ImageMagick you can resize your image, crop it, change its shades and .

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Vignette Analysis For Psychology. Ethical Analysis of Vignette 5 In considering the potential ethical issues and related theory in Vignette 5 a number of issues have been outlined and discussed below. Ethical Issues In investigating potential ethical issues of Vignette 5, Carla had knowledge that Simon was divorced which may have been an act of self disclosure on Simon’s behalf.

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