The 4 gospels and their themes

Each gospel aims this message toward a particular audience, be it Jews, gentiles, or the early church community. Each gospel is clear that salvation comes exclusively through Jesus. Unlike in most of the ancient world excluding Judaismthe gospels state that one cannot worship multiple gods but must make a choice. The theme of all four gospels is to reveal that Jesus is the son of God, the fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

The 4 gospels and their themes

The Gospel of Mark Why Are There Four Gospels?
Expert Answers That is to suggest that there are a whole lot of things in some but not others, and moreover, not much common to all four.
The Gospel of Matthew Christianity is a cheerful religion and brings joy and peace from heaven to earth. The New Testament opens with the gospel, that is with the authentic record of the history of all histories, the glad tidings of salvation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
We must surrender. We must decrease. We must be crucified with Christ. By Wayne Jackson When one opens the New Testament, he is introduced to four narratives which are concerned with the activity and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

These records are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Why are there four accounts that cover so much of the same material? Are the records harmonious or do they conflict? These languages represented the three dominate cultures of the Mediterranean world when the New Testament was produced.

The Four Gospels.

It is not without significance that there is a Gospel record designed for each of these societal elements. Matthew was directed to the Hebrews, Mark was written for the Romans, and Luke was designed to address the Greeks.

Each of these works deserves careful reflection. The Gospel of Matthew Though the book does not bear his name, early Christian tradition is unanimous in affirming that Matthew was the inspired author of the first Gospel account.

Matthew Levi was a Jew who had been called from his position as a tax collector to become an apostle of Jesus Christ Matt. There are indications within the book that the author was very familiar with finances.

The 4 gospels and their themes

There are more references to money in this account than in the other three Gospel records. The purpose of the Gospel of Matthew is twofold: First, it is an apologetic, i.

It was penned especially to convince the Jews of this fact. It is no surprise, therefore, that this divine writer relied so heavily on Old Testament Scripture to establish his case. Matthew has about fifty direct quotations from the Old Testament; in addition there are some seventy-five allusions to Old Testament events.

This would constitute powerful evidence to the Hebrew people, who viewed the Old Testament as a revelation from God. It also would be important to the Jews to learn that the Messiah was about to initiate his reign, and so Matthew called attention to that kingdom in more than thirty-five passages.

Second, the book was doubtless intended as a message of encouragement to Jewish Christians. While it is true that the Jews had crucified their own Messiah, there was still hope for the seed of Abraham. Whereas the physical nation would have to pay a horrible price for its rebellion, i.

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Accordingly, he attempts to condition Hebrew thinking with this concept. He alludes to those who will come from afar to sit with the patriarchs in the kingdom of heaven Matt. Apparently, Mark had a close relationship with Peter 1 Pet. The Gospel of Mark is remarkably different from that of Matthew.

A survey of the information in this book reveals that it is for a non-Jewish audience. The writer has to explain Hebrew traditions Mk. The Latinisms within the book indicate that he was writing for Roman readers see Mk. This, of course, explains why Mark does not appeal to the Old Testament as profusely only nineteen times as did Matthew.

His narrative was likely written to encourage Christians in Rome who were feeling the effects of tribulation for the cause of Christ. He mentions persecution as the cost of discipleship at a point where both Matthew and Luke, in parallel contexts, refrained from using that term Mk.

Whereas Matthew emphasized the words of the Lord, Mark, while recording only one major sermon Mk. Mark is a strong advocate of the fact that Jesus is the Son of God.

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To that end, he records the testimony of God Mk. By training he was a physician Col. As with the Gospel of Mark, it is clear that Luke is writing for non-Hebrew recipients. This is a treatise designed to reach the Greeks with the message of Jesus Christ. The Greeks were preoccupied with a consideration of man.

It is not without purpose, therefore, that Luke focuses upon Christ as the perfect example of humanity. He emphasizes many human traits of the Master, e.

John was a part of that inner circle of disciples Mk.You know, one of the first things that happens whenever anyone begins to study the four gospels with any real seriousness is the realization that for all their similarity, there is in fact, an enormous amount of diversity among the four books.

Three examples of this theme will suffice: John begins his document: “In the beginning was the Word [an allusion to Christ (see v. 14)], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (Jn.

). Weaving the gospels together is possible, but the gospels should never be taken as an exhaustive biography in the modern sense. Instead, the accounts follow the common ancient method of highlighting key events and themes. Three examples of this theme will suffice: John begins his document: “In the beginning was the Word [an allusion to Christ (see v.

14)], and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (Jn. ). The four canonical Gospels are only variations of the same theme, a fourfold representation of one and the same gospel, animated by the same spirit.

[] They are not full biographies, [] but only memoirs or a selection of characteristic features of Christ's life and work as they struck each Evangelist and best suited his purpose and . Keywords: themes of the four gospels, themes of gospels The authors of the four gospels in the Bible had a specific group of people they wrote to and in this assignment I am going to look at those specific people and what the authors said .

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