Saturday night and sunday morning

It was adapted by Sillitoe into a film starring Albert Finneydirected by Karel Reiszand in was adapted by David Brett as a play for the Nottingham Playhousewith Ian McKellen playing one of his first leading roles. Saturday Night Saturday Night begins in a working man's club in Nottingham. Arthur Seaton is 21 years old, and enjoying a night out with Brenda, the wife of a colleague at work.

Saturday night and sunday morning

Plot[ edit ] Arthur Seaton is a young machinist at the Raleigh bicycle factory in Nottingham. He is determined not to be tied down to living a life of domestic drudgery like the people around him, including his parents, whom he describes as "dead from the neck up".

He spends his wages at weekends on drinking and having a good time. Arthur is having an affair with Brenda, the wife of an older colleague. He also begins a more traditional relationship with Doreen, a beautiful single woman closer to his age.

Brenda becomes pregnant by Arthur, who offers to help raise the child or terminate the unwanted pregnancy as abortion was not legal in Britain at the time of the film.

Arthur takes her to see his Aunt Ada for advice. Ada has Brenda sit in a hot bath and drink gin, which does not work. After Doreen complains about not going anywhere public with Arthur, he takes her to the fair where he sees Brenda.

Arthur pulls Brenda aside, and she reveals that she has decided to have the child. As Arthur clings to her, she wriggles free because she is at the fair with her family. Arthur follows her on to an amusement ride and gets in a car with her. Arthur escapes the ride, but he is later caught and beaten.

Arthur spends a week recovering and is visited by Doreen; they later have sex. After recovering, Arthur returns to work, and realises his affair with Brenda is finished after her husband tells him to stay away from Brenda.

Arthur decides to marry Doreen. The film ends with Arthur and Doreen discussing the prospect of a new home together, with Arthur showing that he still has mixed feelings about settling down into domestic life.The movie debut of Albert Finney, at work in the Raleigh Bicycle Works in Nottingham, a landmark in the British Angry Young Man movement, opening Saturday Night And Sunday Morning, , directed by Karel Reisz .

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Saturday night and sunday morning

Orsodimondo said: LA RABBIA GIOVANEIl sabato sera esplodevano le passioni accumulat /5. saturday night and sunday morning (dvd) A film by Karel Reisz In the industrial streets and factories of Nottingham, the hard-living Arthur Seaton (Albert Finney, Tom Jones) spends his days at the factory bench, his evenings in the local pubs and his nights in the arms of Brenda (Rachel Roberts, This Sporting Life), the wife of a fellow Reviews: Alan Sillitoe: Biography of Allan Sillitoe, author of the Angry Young Man classics The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

1/11 Photograph: Joel MoormanKona Burks in Saturday Night/Sunday Morning at Prologue Theatre Company 2/11 Photograph: Joel MoormanKrenée A. Tolson and Jennifer Glasse in Saturday Night/Sunday. Saturday Night and Sunday MorningLobby card for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (), starring Albert caninariojana.comll Film Productions Sillitoe also wrote children’s books, poetry, and plays while continuing as a novelist.

Life Without Armour, an autobiography, was published in

Saturday night and sunday morning
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