Qcf 5 511

Working in partnership in health and social care or children and young people's settings. Partnership working has been a recurrent public policy for the last 40 years for health and social care; different solutions have been presented along the way, such as a single system by full integration. Current and previous attempts at partnership working have risen directly out underlying assumptions that underpin our current welfare system. This underlying assumption has created very different organisations, with very different structures and ways of working, including all the subsequent complexities that partnership working entails.

Qcf 5 511

Book this course Back to Courses Who is this qualification for? This qualification is designed to give learners the opportunity to build both managerial and care skills.

It is designed for those already working in health and social care, assistant or deputy managers or managers who have not yet achieved a vocational qualification at this level.

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Delivered in the workplace, you will receive regular visits from an experienced tutor who will provide all the teaching and learning you need to successfully complete the course. As the qualification includes a range of both knowledge and competence units, assessment will be a combination of tutor assessment and online tests.

Qcf 5 511

Our support includes a qualification handbook, access to resources designed by leaders in their field and access to the cutting edge e-portfolio solution, Smart Assessor.

Learners will complete a number of mandatory units as well as a choice of optional units designed to allow you to tailor the qualification around your own job role and the skills that you and your employer value the most.

Qcf 5 511

Additionally, the qualification is a required component within the Higher Apprenticeship framework. How is the qualification structured? Unit requires the completion of a research project over a six month period about a care topic of your choice.

The mandatory units are as follows:Concerns the 4th-3rd millennia BCE, based on the impression created by the genealogies of Genesis 5, 11 & other cultural references in Genesis 1–11 Genesis Covers B.C.

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