Professional ethics individual assignment

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Professional ethics individual assignment

The assignment is to allow learners to relate the development of moral standards through the various processes involved in the formation of the law.

Tugasan ini bertujuan memberi ruang kepada para pelajar untuk menghubungkan pembangunan piawaian moral melalui beberapa proses yang terlibat dalam pembentukan undang-undang. The law is a set of rules established by a society to govern behaviour within the society.

These rules reflect the collective choices of members of the society regarding any decisions and actions that affect its welfare.

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Explain the purpose and scope of the Act. Create hypothesise on how the moral issue underlying the said Act had developed into law through the respective formation processes within the framework of Malaysian society.

Definition by Wikipedia that a whistle blower whistle-blower or whistle blower is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization.

He further stated that the level of corruption in Malaysia has not decreased significantly and urged the government to implement stronger anti-graft measures. The whistle blower protection law covers any member of the public and private sectors who discloses wrongdoings.

Among the disclosures covered are: The act Professional ethics individual assignment does not accord any protection to whistle-blower who go to the media. The WPA applies generally to whistle blowers who disclose information relating to the wrongdoings in the private or public sector.

Sec 6 1 WPA states that the whistle blower protection is only available to Professional ethics individual assignment who make disclosure improper conduct to any enforcement agency based on his reasonable belief that any person engaged, is engaged or is preparing to engage in improper conduct.

However, the protection afforded by WPA is only limited to a disclosure made to an enforcement agency. This includes any ministry, department, agency or other body set up by the Federal Government or State Government conferred with investigation and enforcement powers.

The enforcement agency under WPA is given a number of powers including the power to receive disclosure of improper conduct, to implement and enforce the provisions of the WPA Sec 6 2 a WPA allows disclosure of improper conduct to be made even if the person making the disclosure is not able to identify a particular person involved in the misconduct.

Disclosure of improper conduct can be made in writing or orally. A whistle blower who makes a disclosure in accordance with s.

Professional ethics individual assignment

According to sec 8 1 WPAthe whistle blower is entitled to full anonymity of any information about himself and the alleged improper conduct that he provided to the enforcement agency. Any person who makes disclosure of confidential information to others unless allowed by WPA would guilty of an offense.

Sec 9 WPA states that a whistle blower should not be subject to any civil or criminal liability, including disciplinary action as a result of the disclosure of improper conduct.

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It must remembered that an employee owes a number of duties to his employer such as duty of loyalty, duty to act in the interest of the employer and duty of confidence.

Any disclosure of information relating to the employer may amount to breach of these duties. The protection afforded by Sec. Section 10 WPA deals with the protection of the whistle blower against detrimental action.

It is important to take note that the protection found in sec.

Professional ethics individual assignment

But it is not expressly provided in the WPA as to who can be considered to be related to or associates with the whistle blower. Sec 10 1 prohibits any detrimental action to be taken against the whistle blower as a result of disclosure of improper conduct.

Sec 10 5 WPA states that no person acting on behalf of any public or private body shall terminate a contract, withhold payment that is due under a contract or refuse to enter into a subsequent contract solely for the reason that the party to the contract or its employee or employer has made a disclosure of improper conduct of the private body to the enforcement agency.

As a consequence, the private body terminates any contract with the supplier. A whistle blower may complain to any enforcement agency if he or any person related to or associated with him suffers from any detrimental action in breach of sec 10 1.

A person is deemed to have taken a detrimental action against the whistle blower if ; i the reason behind his action is due to the disclosure of improper conduct or his belief that the whistle blower has made or intends to make disclosure of improper conduct.

In any proceeding, the burden lies with the defendant to prove that the detrimental action taken or intended to be taken against the whistle-blower or any person related to or associated with him is not in reprisal for a disclosure of improper conduct.

Nonetheless, the whistle blower protection under the WPA may be revoked by the enforcement agency in six circumstances under s. The enforcement agency must give a written notice to the whistle blower if the whistle blower protection is revoked. Section 12 WPA imposes a duty on the enforcement agency to conduct an investigation and the recommendations to be taken.

The enforcement agency has to inform the whistle blower if the disclosure of improper conduct is not substantiated and where the Public Prosecutor decides not to prosecute.This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct describes the expectations that we have of ourselves and our fellow The purpose of this Code is to instill confidence in the project management profession and to help an individual particular assignment.

3 of 8. Lab Professional Code of Ethics Assignment Using the AHIMA Code of Ethics, complete form for each case: Case Type of Ethical Breach How Should This Be Handled? 1 Conflict of interest In this example it was a conflict of interest because Chris was trying to put down the actual work of her coworker%(3).

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Joy Thomas Week M3 Assignment - Create your own Ethical Framework Professional Ethical Framework in School Counseling Preamble The American School Counselor Association is a professional organization whose members have a unique and distinctive preparation, grounded in the behavioral sciences, with training in clinical skills adapted to the school setting.

Professional ethics refer to a branch of philosophy in respect to human conduct, differentiating right from wrong and good from bad of such actions.

Integrity is a main essence of professionals. One should demand courage and vision. Week 1 Individual Assignment Ethics Reflection Paper comprises: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Resources: Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments Use the Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments to revisityour personal and professional values.

Examples from “Create Your Own Code of Ethics” Assignment Abstract Introduction. National Center for Professional and Research Ethics Course Background. Perspectives on Teaching Ethics 5 Interesting Elements.