Portfolio for thesis plugin

Content Slider Lightbox-Gallery All of these options display your work in a clean, unobtrusive fashion. The interface is intuitive and looks great with any WordPress theme. To add projects, you simply add a video slide or image and enter the details of the projects.

Portfolio for thesis plugin

The response was pretty good, it has been in our popular post list for quite sometimes too. I guess it's due to the fact that filtering UI is quite a popular thing to implement.

So, I was looking at the comment, I think I need to do an update and fix some of the issues. Alright, this time it's not just fixing the issues but with some enhancements as well.

Portfolio for thesis plugin

MixItUp is now version 2. The good news is, the new one can load your desired filter on first run, not just showing all of it. Easing plugin is removed and replaced with CSS3 transition instead.

We can achieve the same thing with smaller file size and less JS. There're a couple of comments mentioned there's a bug that causing the whole thing moved px to the left. It's actually not an issue, because when you show ALL, the content became longer. Therefore, in IE you have a scrollbar displayed on the right which causing the undesired sudden movement that moves everything to the left.

I didn't see this because I'm on Mac and scrollbar hover above the content instead of taking up the website viewport space. I'm trying to keep everything the same so you can update it easily. This script will work pretty well with our previously published tutorial - display images with shape masking and nifty zoom effect.

Alright, lets get it started. First of all this is the screenshot of what we are about to build: Based on the layout there are two main UI elements we need to build - Tab navigation for filtering and a grid of portfolio with hover effect.

After that we will hook it up with MixItOut and our custom hover script. It's a UL list with data filter. It's updated to conform to the new MixItUp formatting.

We need to assign each portfolio a category in data-cat attribute. Other than that, we added label and hide it by default. We will show it on mouse hover with CSS3. Removed this bit if you have your own responsive grid system.

You can change its setting by visiting its documentation.6 Of the Brilliant WordPress Portfolio Plugins for – Create a Stunning WordPress Portfolio Sunita Rai Best WordPress Plugins, Tips and Tutorials updated on January 4, WordPress Portfolio, wordpress portfolio plugin 2 Comments.

The plugins listed below are 9 of the best WordPress portfolio plugins available, they’re the cream of the crop. They’re packed with useful features and are simple to use. A Premiere é uma empresa ágil e moderna, desenhada para atender as necessidades de seus clientes com produtos inovadores para o mercado varejista.

Previously, I was showing how to create portfolio page with filtering and also hover effect for each of your project item. We achieved that effect with CSS3 and jQuery filter & sort plugin called MixItUp..

The response was pretty good, it has been in our popular post list for quite sometimes too. GS Portfolio is a WordPress plugin which creates custom post type to showcase your project works as portfolio. Best Responsive Portfolio plugin for your WordPress site.

Display anywhere at your site using shortcode like [gs_portfolio .

Portfolio for thesis plugin

Portfolio & Thesis Requirements One of the hallmarks of an Honors Tutorial College education is the honors thesis requirement. To graduate from the college, seniors must complete a thesis project within their academic discipline.

Create A Simple Responsive Portfolio Page with Filtering and Hover Effect (Updated)