Outsourcing memo

Every company process that can be performed from an off-the-shore location can be outsourced. This includes functions such as payroll, transaction processing, transcription services, call center services, image manipulation services, order and inventory management, just to name a few. One of the leading misconceptions when it comes to working with virtual staff is assuming that a single employee can handle every single thing for you. So as to efficiently utilize virtual assistants as you grow your firm, you are required to hire people for the roles, and not the tasks.

Outsourcing memo

Make It Work for Your Business Tweet IT outsourcing, or Outsourcing memo IT-related functions as a service from a third-party instead of performing the functions in-house, is one way organizations can reduce the time and Outsourcing memo spent on infrastructure and operations and dedicate more resources to strategic business initiatives.

The point of IT outsourcing is to get the best possible technology and service at the lowest possible cost. Outsourcing may be the answer if your company: What IT can be outsourced?

Computer or Internet-related work such as: Software development Help desk — on-site or remote via phone or web Email Virus, spam and other online threat protection Website hosting Managed server hosting or managed application hosting Infrastructure — i.

Offshore outsourcing — sending IT-related work to a company in a foreign country that offers political stability, lower labor costs and tax savings; India, China and the Philippines are popular offshore outsourcing countries.

Nearshore outsourcing — sending IT-related work to a company in a country that shares a border with your own; presumably, it is easier to travel between the two and for the company and the provider to communicate with one another. Onshore or domestic outsourcing — contracting with a third party located in the same country to provide IT-related work, off-site or in-house.

Cloud Computing — contracting with a third party to provide IT-related functions over the Internet or a proprietary network. Managed Services — contracting with a third party to provide network management functions including IP telephony, messaging and call centers, virtual private networks VPNsfirewalls, and the monitoring of and reporting on network activity.

In this type of outsourcing arrangement, a special emphasis is placed on the integration and certification of Internet security. Access to specialists with expert-level knowledge and skills Reduced costs resulting from fewer capital investments and staffing requirements, less overhead, volume price breaks, and leasing options On-demand access to the latest technology Higher level of service as defined in the contract Predictable expenses from flat fees and subscription-based pricing models, and Faster product launches due to increased focus and accessibility of technology needed to bring products to market.

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Rushing into an agreement may mean trouble down the line. Here are some pitfalls to be aware of: High turnover on project teams Possibility of rushing in unprepared when lured by the prospect of saving money Loss of institutional knowledge Loss of direct control over project management Exposure of sensitive data Increased liability for and difficulty establishing regulatory compliance Possible delays caused by the physical distance between client and service provider, and Verbal and written communication barriers if outsourcing to a foreign company.

Understanding the pros and cons of IT outsourcing and the ramifications of sending a job outside the organization are both vitally important. Before making the final decision, consider whether outsourcing critical IT functions will actually resolve any issues the company may be having, and investigate the risks associated with outsourcing these functions.

Outsourcing memo

IT outsourcing trends While IT outsourcing is a business strategy that has been around for years, increasingly businesses are multi-sourcing, or contracting with more than one company to provide IT-related functions.

A multi-vendor approach helps them get the most value for their money and the highest level of service possible. Additionally, the popularity of cloud computing has grown rapidly in recent years. It is yet another type of outsourcing made possible by advancements in technology — namely virtualization.

It is particularly advantageous for software companies — who can access development tools without shelling out a lot of cash — and for companies with massive data storage requirements and large mobile workforces that need to access that data while off-site. It spells out the costs involved, what services the vendor will provide, and things like response times, completion dates, etc.

It also lays out the penalties if the terms of the SLA are not met.Memo to this year’s graduating law students: Your first job is already gone — to India.

US immigration authorities target outsourcing firms in new H-1B visa memo – GeekWire

The law firms of America, and their clients, have quietly decided that the work a first-year associate. Memo to Carly: HP is shifting more work offshore Take this multi-part online course and learn to develop a sound outsourcing strategy.] By , "only 40% of our workforce will remain in high.

The March 31 memo rescinds an older memo from December and clarifies what had already been in practice—that entry-level computer programmers are not presumed to be eligible for H-1B visas.

The memo aims to clamp down on H-1B abuses by ensuring that employers are maintaining "an employer-employee relationship" with their H-1B workers. H-1B is a non-immigrant U.S.

Outsourcing memo

The airline announced the decision in an internal memo, sent to employees by Jon Roitman, the company’s senior vice president for airport affairs.

The freeze serves to hopefully quell uncertainty for workers in the face of rampant outsourcing in the near past. We also flagged up sections of BA's internal memo that warned that the outsourcing "proposal will mean a period of uncertainty and concern for colleagues working in the cyber security function.".

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