How to write a waste management plan

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How to write a waste management plan

Building and demolition activities are integrating "sustainability" or "green" management techniques designed to protect the environment, save resources including financial resourcesand conserve energy to ensure the well being of current and future generations. Successful Waste Management Plans A construction or demolition waste management plan does not need to be lengthy or complicated to be effective.

Preparing a plan consists of identifying the types of debris that will be generated by the project and identifying how all waste streams will be handled.

A successful waste management plan will contain the following information: Waste recycling, salvage or reuse goals Estimated types and quantities of materials or waste generated from the project site Proposed and intended disposal methods for these materials Intended procedures for handling the materials or waste Detailed instructions for the subcontractors and laborers on how to separate or collect the materials at the job site The industry average for waste generated at new construction sites is six pounds per square foot.

Most of this waste can be put towards another use, or better yet, be recycled if proper planning is done within the design phase. Where Do I Start?

how to write a waste management plan

There are numerous examples of construction and demolition waste management plans as well as guidelines for creating them. The first group of plans focuses on construction in general, while the second set focuses heavily on construction and demolition and gives special attention on recycling, salvage, and the reuse of materials.

Other Steps of the EMS Cycle

While each of these plans is provided as examples there are no limitations as to the design of your plan or the information included within it.

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how to write a waste management plan

Project Management Communications Plan makes all interactions on a project structured and efficient. In this article, you will find a guide on how to create a communications plan. You will also learn one essential consideration that will make this plan really valuable for your stakeholders.

Waste management plans are guides for reducing, handling, and disposing of waste during construction, renovation, or land-clearing projects. Detailing all types of waste and their origins, the steps taken to lower the level of waste, and plans for removing and eliminating waste, these plans are.

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