Expansion and preservation in william sonntags garden of the gods

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Expansion and preservation in william sonntags garden of the gods

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Time and Architecture: The Broken Continuation of Tradition Dwelling. Exteriority Architecture. Culture Notes Index. This Page Intentionally Left Blank. Bart Verschaffel. Whatever awkward formulations survived in the final text are completely my own responsibility. I wish to thank Stanford Anderson for his invitation.

Michael Hays. David Friedman for his coaching. In an initial stage of my investigations. The postdoctoral fellowship I received from the Getty Grant Program enabled me to transform a dissertation into a book. Together with the students they made my months at MIT a very worthwhile experience.

I dedicate the book to my children Robbe. Ton Groeneweg. Donald Gardner was invaluable as a translator. During that process much was added and many things changed. In and I had the opportunity to test some of the thoughts devel- oped in this book by exposing myself to the scrutiny of the students in the MIT program on History.

I am grateful to Roger Conover for his confidence in my ability to write this book. Lieven de Cauter. Ineke van der Burg. Herman Neuckermans I thank for the opportunity he gave me to do research at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. I wish to thank Mark Wigley. Paul Koopman.

To my other advisor. I owe special thanks.

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Acknowledgments This book would never have materialized without the help and encouragement of many people. My coeditors of the Dutch Benjamin Journaal contributed. For encouraging me all the while and pushing me to finalize the manuscript. Beatriz Colomina. Koen Geldof.william robertson smith PREFACE THE idea of preparing a new Dictionary of the Bible on critical lines for the benefit of all serious students, both professional and lay, was prominent in the mind of the many-sided scholar to whose beloved memory the Genesis oi the., It is more than twelve P resent volume is inscribed.

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Expansion and preservation in william sonntags garden of the gods

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