Effect of light intensity essay

Color fading and deterioration of materials Light acts cumulatively—it is the total exposure over time that matters! Light is a source of damage to artifacts and its effects are irreversible. Fortunately, modern lighting technologies offer a variety of solutions to help control many of the damaging effects from light. Light is a form of energy.

Effect of light intensity essay

Deputy Chairman of Cel Fosc. Spain Light Pollution Harms the Environment For a billion years now, multi-cellular life on this Earth has existed with a regular and dependable day-night schedule of illumination levels in the environment.

This regularity is ingrained into the DNA of species up and down our evolutionary tree to our biological advantage.

Natural light entrains or regularizes basic and fundamental biological activities across species from plants to us humans.

The effects of light pollution on plants and animals in the environment are numerous and are becoming more known over time. In general, the most common action is that light pollution alters and interferes with the timing of necessary biological activities.

For approximately half of all life, those crepuscular and nocturnal species that begin their daily activities at sundown, our artificial lights at night seriously constrain their lives, exposing them to predators and reducing the time they have to find food, shelter, or mates and reproduce.

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To assume that other living organisms on this planet are just going to "adapt" to our newly created lighting schedules for commericial convenience is apathetically ignorant and insane.

Unfortunately, it is far, far easier to setup a badly installed light outside than it is to understand the negative effects it casts down-light from it.

All of that bad lighting could be redone by replacing the up-pointing W halogen bulbs with more efficient LED lights and by pointing the LEDs downwards. Overtime, this would cost far less for the taxpayers without causing a single change in the quality of information delivered to the traveler or to compromise their safety.

Such lighting seems especially wasteful as headlights on cars are more than sufficient to light up signs, so the lights are not truly needed at all now. These lights emit high levels of bluish light that not only interferes with our night vision and our own healthbut also with the well-being of animals.

Other types of lighting, such as incandescent or high pressure sodium vapor lamps, produces high levels of reddish or even infrared light. Their spectra interferes with the well-being of many types of plants.

So no living species ever evolved to take advantage of continuous lighting. We should not be surprised that no species truly benefits from it in the long run. A swallowtail butterfly dead in the coils of a compact florescent light bulb.

Photoelectric Effect - Light | Quantum Mechanics | Photons - PhET Interactive Simulations

Just because a light bulb is energy efficient, does not mean that its white spectra is safe for animals. Do you remember yellow? Picture taken by Bryan Bodie and used with permission. However, bad lighting does not stop just at the roads. This page provides an organizational overhead to some of the impacts that light pollution has on different species which have lived on this planet far longer than us "john-come-lately" humans.

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The effect of Different Light Wavelengths on Photosynthesis: ..

In the span of a mere one hundred years, our creation of a never-occurring night is having some real effects on the animals that were here before us. For the same melatonin suppression problems we have with lights at night, creates similar problems in animals.

Melatonin is the chronobiotic hormonal regulator of neoplastic cell growth, meaning that it is just the hormonal signal of our biological clockis used for such functions in mammals worldwide. Biologists describe it as being the most evolutionary conservative hormone that we know of, meaning that it is one of the oldest hormones known across the tree of life that basically signals to genes and organs whether it is daytime or not.

Hence light pollution affects animals as well.

Effect of light intensity essay

A mere glance at the articles in the Light pollution vs. Human Health pages easily confirms this fact as melatonin testing is done over and over on rat species.

In fact, it is found in almost all organisms.Further increase in the intensity of light has no influence on the rate of photosynthesis. If it is necessary to increase the rate of photosynthesis having provided the maximum intensity of light, one should not change the light intensity, and try to provide changes in any other factors.

Polymeric Materials Group Effect of Intensity and Wavelength of Spectral UV Light on Discoloration of Laminated Glass/EVA/PPE PV Module Yadong Lyu, Li . My aim is to determine the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis.

Effect of Light Intensity and Temperature on Yield of Salad Crops for Space Exploration The candidate crops that have been considered by NASA for providing moderate quantities of supplemental food for crew's consumption during near term or long duration missions include minimally processed “salad” species. An increase in temperature with high light intensity increases the rate of photosynthesis. Therefore this can cause the results to be unreliable. Measuring the temperature with the thermometer could have been incorrect because the thermometer was placed in . An Analysis of the Relationship between Light Intensity and Closeness of Light Using a Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell PAGES 8. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay. Show me the full essay. View Full Essay. This is the end of the preview. Sign up to view the rest.

To accomplish this I will have to control the amount of water, carbon dioxide and light. Also the distance of the light will have to be controlled by undertaking this there should be different levels of oxygen escaping the plant.4/5(2).

The effects of light pollution on plants and animals in the environment are numerous and are becoming more known over time. In general, the most common action is that light pollution alters and interferes with the timing of necessary biological activities.

Light intensity, color of light, and levels of carbon dioxide all affect the rate of photosynthesis 5. Write the equation for photosynthesis (use your book or online resources if you don't know it).

report about light intensity ripple effect on Arduino (LDR AnalogReadSerial) I got the result can you describe light intensity ripple effect and frequency of light variation?

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Light Color Strongly Affects Environmental Impact