Dissertation proposal health care management

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Dissertation proposal health care management

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Specifically, readmissions are a significant contributor to poor patient outcomes and pose a staggering economic burden on Medicare resources Cegarra-Navarro, Wensley, and Sanchez-Polo, ; Joynt and Jha, Research findings indicate that Moreover the quality of post-discharge Dissertation proposal health care management coordination has been touted to be a significant driver of hospital readmission rates Shelley et al.

Specifically, low levels of two-way communication between patients and providers, and low levels of post-discharge care monitoring and tracking by care providers have been shown to significantly contribute to day hospital readmission rates Ahmed and Rak, Beginning inMedicare began to reduce reimburse rates to hospitals for avoidable readmissions related to heart failure, pneumonia, and myocardial infraction CMS, ; HIMSS, Such governmental incentives aimed at reducing hospital readmissions have created a sense of urgency among healthcare providers.

Moreover, it has motivated researchers to discover and implement evidence-based strategies to reduce day hospital readmissions rates HIMSS, Jones SS et al, noted that this shift is undergirded by theories which assume that certain systems, structures, incentives, financing, and deficiencies drive poor quality and that by gradually restructuring the U.

Second, this push comes at a time in which the federal government has directed an unprecedented amount of attention and final resources towards the adoption of health information technology within the healthcare industry. This attention has come in the form of several mandates that require healthcare organizations to adopt certified health information technology tools or face significant penalties.

This has lead to a plethora of research opportunities for researchers and others to investigate the role of health information technology in improving various identified governmental targets, including that of reducing hospital readmission rates.

Several governmentally and privately funded research findings have founded a direct correlation between the utilization of health information technology tools and quality metrics. Additional research into the role of information technology in reducing day hospital readmission rates will come at a critical time in terms of the overall changes currently underway within the U.

Interestingly, there is ample research supporting the positive impact of HIT in improving inpatient and ambulatory care quality, including reducing medication errors Shelley et al.

Managing quality in health and social care- Essay Example

However, there is less research on the impact of HIT in facilitating post-discharge care quality. This study will extend current research studies that have investigated the role of health information technology in improving care quality and outcomes in the inpatient and ambulatory settings by specifically examining the impact of HIT on reducing day hospital readmissions rates.

Background of the Study A study of hospital readmissions found that over 20 percent of patients were readmitted within 30 days Jenck, Williams, and Coleman, The study also found that 50 percent of those readmitted did not have a post-discharge visit with their primary care physician Jenck et al.

This resulted in a tenfold increase in the chance of being readmitted. The study also found that 70 percent of surgery patients were readmitted within 30 days for conditions such as a urinary tract infection or pneumonia Jenck et al. In earlier efforts to reduce hospital readmissions rates, CMS identified the utilization of clear discharge directions with the specific medication management components as a crucial intervention strategy.

Dissertation proposal health care management

Their findings did not find a significant improvement in patient outcomes. However, previous studies have shown significant improvement in clinical outcomes in care settings which utilize health information technology tools Cegarra-Navarro, Wensley, and Sanchez-Polo, ; Myers and Shannon, ; Shelley et al.

Furthermore, technological improvements in health information technology tools and specifically those utilized in the discharge process warrants further investigation into the impact of current technology tools on day hospital readmissions.

It has been found that problems relating to communication and the fast dissemination of information especially a hospital discharge adversely affect patient Kripalani, et al.

It is almost routinely that insufficiency relating to communication in this area of health care delivery compromises the prompt delivery of the necessary medical attention. In fact, many patients are released from the hospitals with pending laboratory and test results.

In addition, a number of attending physicians report that most of them are not being properly informed of test results which had been released to discharged patients despite requiring immediate medical intervention Roy et al. Among the typical concerns following discharge is acute drug effect ADEdue to the lack of sufficient time to observe how certain prescription would affect the patient.

However, this incident can easily be preventable Forster et al. Statement of the Problem The study will seek to answer the following research question: What is the relationship between the utilization of health information technology tools and day hospital readmission rates? Specifically, do patients whose post-discharge care are managed through the utilization of one or more health information technology tools experience a lower rate of day hospital readmissions than patients whose care are managed through conventional non-electronic methods?

Limitations of the Study Hospitals frequently serve as the crucial point for decreasing hospital readmissions; therefore, readmissions are inclined by several factors along with the care continuum. Even many meeting members agreed that the present delivery system is untenable and an important contributor to unnecessary readmissions; i.

Efforts to decrease readmissions will need examination of distinctiveness and procedures along the care range —before, during, and later than the early hospital admission.Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations, by Hardcover, Jossey-Bass & Roberta Carroll – this is the 4th edition of the book which suggests the implementation of the risk management in healthcare organizations.5/5(4).

Nov 07,  · This dissertation evaluates the extent to which the ‘cost benefit analysis’ of care has resulted in better patient care at GP level since the s onwards and makes a number of comments as to how the present proposal for reform can be seen to feed into this longer-term movement.

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Dissertation proposal health care management

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