Complaint letter examples

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Complaint letter examples

In this letter of complaint I stated that: I shall ask patients to report directly to the GMC in the following categories: These 'letters of support' from sufferers are key to this Complaint. Below you will find the full text of my Complaint letter, available to download.

Customer Complaint Response Letter ***

Also you will find a template letter of support available to download. The template letter will need to be personalised as noted in the text of the letter. Please do use your own style of letter if you prefer. Blog Post by Sally Burch Please do also see this excellent Blog post by Sally Burch which includes extracts from her personal letter of support.

This may help you to compose your own letter. I have suffered mental distress as a result of PACE. For example, benefit applications, and assessments were more stressful because my illness was considered psychological Visits to doctors, and consultants, and NHS emergency departments are more stressful because my illness is considered psychological.

I am labelled as a delusional patient because of negative connotations implied by doctors and NHS staff. Funding which was already agreed, and put into place was later withdrawn, and denied. These points do not necessarily 'fit' easily within the broad 5 categories listed above.

Harm and distress caused by PACE to children If you feel able [and we know that this is an extremely difficult area where there can be coercion to say the least] then please do send letters to the GMC concerning children, supporting Dr Myhill's Complaint regarding the PACE authors. This could be on any of the broad areas of harm and distress as listed above but also may include harm done to children being forced to go to school and being subject to child protection plans.

This has meant that many forms of 'indirect' harm and distress are more likely.

Complaint letter examples

This template is for guidance only and will need personalising where stated in the text of the letter - noted in red. Please find the full text of the Template letter of support here as below: Template Letter of support - Word document to enable easy amendments and editing.

Text of Social Media post regarding this complaint Here is the full text of the Social Media post announcing this Complaint: Patient support is sought from all patients who feel they have been harmed by PACE.

You do not have to be a UK citizen. The letter of complaint is attached. The complaint is one of Fraud, namely: You could have been harmed in any of these ways and possibly others too: It will help our case to have as many support letters as possible.

Please do email if you are in doubt or need help phrasing why you have been harmed by PACE.

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11/19/ Coalition of Attorneys General Urge HHS, Department of Education to Abandon Efforts to Adopt Restrictive and Discriminatory Federal Definition of “Sex”. Filing a Complaint Types of Complaints We Handle. As with all agencies, our office must set priorities.


To determine the extent to which we can address the issues raised in your complaint. Welcome. The OIA is an independent body set up to review student complaints.

Free to students, the OIA deals with individual complaints against Higher Education Providers in England and Wales. The Types of Complaints We Handle. As with all agencies, our office must set priorities. In carrying out our statutory responsibilities, there are four criteria the Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Division must consider to determine the extent to which we can address the issues raised in your complaint.

Complaint letter examples
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