Build operate transfer procurement system construction essay

Further Reading Overview of Concessions, BOTs, DBO Projects A Concession gives a concessionaire the long term right to use all utility assets conferred on the concessionaire, including responsibility for operations and some investment. Asset ownership remains with the authority and the authority is typically responsible for replacement of larger assets. Assets revert to the authority at the end of the concession period, including assets purchased by the concessionaire. In a concession the concessionaire typically obtains most of its revenues directly from the consumer and so it has a direct relationship with the consumer.

Build operate transfer procurement system construction essay

It had been also noted that all the final defects were rectified and everything disputed defects were resolved. Analysis on the types of defect predicated on range of works was next completed for each clinic. This was to establish the kind of defects documented within each clinic. The defects were categorised into: List of defects based on range of work identified From the study, Architectural Works were determined to add the most amounts of defects for everyone hospitals analysed except for Medical center 5.

For Medical center 5, Mechanical works saved the most defects. It was known that the numbers and percentages of these defects determined were relatively very high, and would be a potential problematic executing for a healthcare facility end-user should these not been attended to during the DLP management period.

The research further investigated on the types of defects, causes and the way the flaws were mitigated and rectified during the DLP management.

Contributors of problems were also detected. Based from analysis, it was discovered that the defects effect on Technical aspects of the building's performance and the procedure significantly. Defects related to Appearance tend to spoil the image of clinic. It was discovered that, the majority of the defects that were related to Design were due to poor decision s in design such as standards of materials, structure and integration between different materials and systems usually by designers.

Flaws were also found from poor materials quality and not according to standards by artist. There were also issues of defects due to failing to provide proper coverage which brings about defects during engineering.

Failure to handle maintenance or insufficient maintenance was also found to donate to defects of building performance or systems in clinics. Finally, vandalism during structure and DLP management identified in several case studies that contributed to problems of construction tasks.

Build operate transfer procurement system construction essay

Feedback from End User In order to support the quantitative data research in 4. Feedback on the satisfaction was looked for from hospitals end users and the respondents were randomly chosen employees of the clinics from various departments involved in the day-to-day operation of the private hospitals during the DLP.

A complete of respondents from three nursing homes participated in the study. The styles of the enquiry on satisfaction and the focus of the interview questions were focused on four main themes or templates as below Building design on the architectural design, space, fittings, structure, and services.

Building and framework over workmanship, coatings, aesthetics, function, safety, ease of maintenance and comfort. Services rendered by third party company from users and stakeholders included on responsiveness in getting together with the end users' needs to attend to problems.

Performance of the key contractors on the promptness to make good all defects recognized and reported as well as producing quality work.

Analysis from Interviews Analysis on building design on the architectural design, space, fittings, layout, and services.

It ought to be noted that the analysis on the origin of the respondents with regards to the hospitals that they are offering would be necessary to identify the communities that are strongly satisfied, satisfied, somewhat satisfied and dissatisfied. Analysis on building and structure over workmanship, surface finishes, aesthetics, function, security, ease of maintenance and comfort.

The results obtained were quite like the previous analysis. Several complaints were obtained on leakages, faulty wiring and many flaws were only recognized during and at the end of DLP.

It was discovered that majority of the respondents were satisfied with the assistance provided by the third get together company in managing DLP.

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Complaints were on overdue reactions and poor craftsmanship.A Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Agreemend is an agreement pursuant to which an investor agrees to construct, finance the construction of, and operate and maintain a particular infrastructure asset (e.g. an airport, port, power plant, water supply system etc.) for a certain period of time before transferring the infrastructure asset to the government.

The system has been developed in the Gulf region to resemble UK BREEAM system categories; it offers special assessment items with regards to environmental . A Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) project is started with a contractual agreement between a public agency (government) and a private sector entity.

Through this agreement, the expertise and assets of private sector are used to produce service or facility for the use of the general public. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Design And Build Method Construction Essay.

Print Reference The term “design-build” refers to a range of alternatives to the traditional project delivery system. A useful way to look at design-build is by what it is not.

The Flaws Management In Public Hospitals Construction Essay

Traditional design-bid-build is a segmented, sequential process in which the owner. the Construction industry takes in bridging the gap between - a state of underdevelopment dearth in Nigeria. Infrastructure development should be a key priority in the country’s journey towards development.

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Build Operate Own Transfer 5 BOT – Build Operate Transfer 6 DBFO – Design Build Finance and Operate. The term “BOLT” is an acronym which stands for Build, Own, Lease, Transfer.

It is a non-traditional procurement method of project financing whereby a private or public sector client gives a concession to a private entity to build a facility (and possibly design it as well), own the facility, lease the facility to the client, then at the end of the lease period .

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