Arts 100 syllabus

Fall 3 credits Exploration of the development of the visual arts based on formal, critical and contextual analysis of specific works of art and their creators. Define fundamental visual concepts.

Arts 100 syllabus

Experiencing and considering works of art and learning about art history offer us a way to enter into and analyze new experiences, to become more observant, to develop our perceptual and creative problem solving skills, and to enhance our experience of the world.

Course Description This course provides a general introduction to art through the analysis of art theory, terminology, themes, design principles, media, and techniques. This course also introduces the visual arts across time and through diverse cultures with an emphasis on function, meaning, and style.

Identify works of art from the periods studied and analyze and identify stylistic characteristics. Discuss the significance of art and architecture with regards to art historical contexts, employing art historical terminology.

Demonstrate critical thinking skills through Arts 100 syllabus study of artworks following guidelines for assigned art history projects in this course. Quizzes Reading Quizzes StudySpace has multiple-choice quizzes for each chapter that students are required to take. Quizzes may be taken more than once.

Your highest quiz score for each chapter will be recorded. If a student misses the quiz deadline, a score of will be recorded. Quizzes are due on the Wednesday of each week that chapters from your textbook are assigned. Movie Quizzes Throughout the semester I will give 5 Movie quizzes on the Wednesday of the week that the movie was assigned.

These quizzes will be averaged into your homework grade. Midterm The midterm will include slide identifications, matching and multiple choice questions, and short essays.

Students are required to take their exams in blue or black ink pen. Pens will not be supplied. Scantron forms or blue books are NOT used in this class. Electronic devices are not allowed during the midterm.

Final Students will have the choice to complete a 5-page paper that compares 2 artworks from the readings, lectures or movies, or to produce a visual project based on a process or an artist that was presented in class. I will hand out guidelines after the midterm. Museum Assignment It is important to visit art museums and study art in person.

The museum worksheet is designed as a guided looking exercise to complete at the museum. Follow the specific guidelines and requirements for each assignment. Note the due dates in your calendar.

Students may not submit assignments via email. Following the guidelines provided and handing work in on time is imperative to receiving a passing grade. Visual Analysis After the Midterm, students will be required write a 3-page visual analysis of an artwork from ArtStor.

Arts 100 syllabus

Students will complete the worksheet provided as part of the assignment and hand it in with the final paper. Students will work on these in class and at home. Guidelines will be provided on the class website. Check the class schedule for due dates.

Response Papers Students are required to write a total of two 2 papers, each responding to a movie of your choice from movies assigned for homework.Instructors Monica Deming. [email protected] Monica Deming is Senior Teaching Faculty for the Department of Art and Art History. She earned her undergraduate degree in communication design at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and her Master’s in Fine Arts at Colorado State University.

Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts is a course offered only to members of the Arts Learning Community in residence in Wayland Hall. The course explores the concept and practice of creativity, the. ART - Introduction to Art. Provides a basic overview of the study, language, history and cultural relevance of visual art and is designed primarily for non-art majors.

Utilizes visually-enhanced lectures and may include optional introductory studio experiences. ART Syllabus Credit Hours: 3.

Arts 100 syllabus

DIVISION OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES COURSE SYLLABUS- Speech Communication COM- 5. To demonstrate an understanding of the impact of messages in our society. 6. To demonstrate interpersonal skills. Assessment of Student Performance: Each assessment corresponds to the objective above.

All activities must. Course Syllabus. ACADEMIC FREEDOM STATEMENT. Brooks Institute is committed to protecting and encouraging the principles of academic freedom. Academic freedom provides the foundation for scholarship, teaching and learning, and reflects. Syllabus 3 credit hours: GEC Fine Arts designation Ann Millett, PhD [email protected] Course Description Intensive study of selected works of art with an emphasis on .

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