An analysis of the reasons of american to buy on credit cards

Many of us abuse them and end up in debt.

An analysis of the reasons of american to buy on credit cards

Advertiser Disclosure This page includes analysis of our favorite cards from The Simple Dollar's advertisers and the marketplace. Visit our advertiser disclosure to learn more. Instead of looking for ways to flaunt their wealth, they actively keep it hidden.

A poll by CreditCards. They do it for the rewards. But the thirst for rewards extends far beyond affluent soccer moms pursuing airline miles for a family trip to Hawaii, as even the ultra-rich love their rewards points.

Why would he do such a thing? His wife told the New York Post he planned to use his miles to fly his family around the world for free. Other Reasons the Wealthy Use Credit Cards While credit card rewards are the most obvious reason the wealthy use credit cards for purchases even when they can pay their balance in full, there are plenty of other perks that make using credit worth it regardless of income or ability to pay.

Here are some of the top reasons the wealthy still use credit cards: They love free travel insurance. While you can buy your own travel insurance planmany of the top travel credit cards offer different forms of travel insurance for free.

For the trip to be covered, you have to use your card to pay for it. But the insurance will kick in to reimburse you if your trip is cancelled or interrupted for any reason, such as severe weather, accidental bodily injury, or financial insolvency of your tour operator or airline.

While the rich could easily buy a travel insurance policy that provides these benefits, why not get it for free if you can? Not only can they earn rewards for using their card to pay for their trip, but they get tens of thousands of dollars in travel coverage without paying for it.

They get used to the perks. Some of the top travel credit cards offer travel perks that make traversing the globe a lot more comfortable. Not only does it offer some pretty epic rewards with its Membership Rewards loyalty program, but it offers access to the Global Lounge Collection.

This collection of airport lounges includes over 1, proprietary lounge locations around the world. Last but not least, cardholders get a credit to cover the costs of applying for Global Entry or TSA Precheck — airport programs that let you skip lines and get expedited security when you fly.

You can score some pretty important consumer protections. In addition to the fancy travel perks everyone loves, credit cards do offer some meaningful consumer protections you can you benefit from if you play your cards right.

Extended warranties are another big perk the rich and everyone else loves. Extended warranty coverage through Chase, for example, extends the U. Certain cards offer access to special events. For starters, an array of top travel credit cards offer cardholders access to special events that range from concerts to sold-out sporting events.

Citi Private Pass is a program created for Citi Cardmembers. If you qualify, you can get access to presale concert tickets, special promotions, and VIP events such as preferred seating for the Martha Graham Dancy Company in New York.

For many people, using a credit card is simply the most convenient thing to do. Using credit card be a lot easier than say, using your debit card for every purchase and going through the trouble of balancing your checkbook and deducting each purchase from your balance.

The wealthy love a good concierge. Last but not least, many of the top travel credit cards offer concierge service that can help you do, well, just about anything.

You can either call the number of email their travel concierge to get helps with all sorts of things. For example, you could: Have the Amex concierge order flowers for anyone using a local florist, then place the charges on your Amex credit card.

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There are several travel rewards points cards in the Canadian credit card market. They seem to grab a lot of attention from marketing channels in Canada but I .

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Check out the Blue Cash Preferred® card for everyday spending, or the Premier Rewards Gold card for a luxury experience.

An analysis of the reasons of american to buy on credit cards

We’re so glad to have you as a member. You now have access to benefits that can help you choose right, be safe and stay informed. Rewards: one of the best features of any credit card.

We've researched a vast amount of credit cards to bring you our list of credit cards with the best rewards. From first time card applicants to experienced aficionados, our expert tips and advice will help you choose the right rewards card.

We all know the reasons for getting a credit card: travel points, hotel benefits, purchase protection, cash back, building a credit history—the list goes on. Maybe that's why the .

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