An analysis of the different viewpoints of what happened to the missing people

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An analysis of the different viewpoints of what happened to the missing people

A very common question people ask is why do some people see spirits or ghosts but others do not. I thought I had already answered this here The Occult Blogger however after scouring the blog I have found that there no specific post on the topic, rather there is hints on what my point is on the subject rather than actually answering the question.

This is my full assessment on the question. The human mind and spirit really is amazing, in order to function fully as to what a normal a human is taught from a very early age that what is real and what is not.

This is true in most cultures however in this post i will touch on western culture in focus as within a western culture unless we can touch feel or see we are conditioned early that whatever we experience is NOT real. This is perceived on almost all levels including those that believe in religion, unless you are in the belief of what your parents or those around believe then it simply is not true to a highly conditioned mind.

However to those that are conditioned early into these beliefs it does not matter to what extent, belief can make all sorts of realities that to others are very blind? Basic Image above illustrating how three controls in life limit spiritual growth.

Do you often wonder why those that believe in God or Jesus have visions of Jesus or God.? Or that those that believe in Buddha have visions or experiences of that particular belief. While that does not mean what they are experiencing is wrong, it simply means that conditioning aligned them to some degree to that experience.

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You see the beauty of spiritual experience is that is always happening, it is just that we blind ourselves to what really is going on. By believing in something it makes it more likely that we will have some type of experience many times in our life.

An analysis of the different viewpoints of what happened to the missing people

Now here is the crutch of the whole concept of this is that all these experiences are given because you are opening yourself to them and excepting with the mind that within your understanding they are okay by normal human standards. Thus a christian seeing Jesus or a Buddhist seeing Buddha they all are having there own experiences that they see to be what they can handle with the way there mind is set up or to some what there spirit can handle also.

Does God have a multiple personality disorder?

So this means in essence whatever you see or have an experience with is more so a door to what you can open inside yourself. Basically un-tapping the Occult aspect of yourself, the unknown. Meditation being a perfect example of opening higher levels of consciousness.

So in reality it does not matter if you see Jesus or Buddha or a simple white light, neither religion or experience is the one true religion, instead it is a door opening to parts of you and for the mind to handle that door being opened in which the mind likes to put images to these experiences.

I hope that makes sense. This means that all these experiences are real, do not get me wrong, what i am referring to is the experience of the image that is seen during these experiences is that what you feel you can handle. Okay so now that i have covered that concept, you are probably wondering on the question at hand, why do some people see spirits or ghosts, well this totally correlates to this topic, if you allow your conditioning to be broken down then that allows you to see things that are generally hidden by what the mind can handle.

It is not fun and like most that have it, they feel like it is something that is more distracting than beneficial. So after breaking all this down, we get down to the basics, the main reason some people do not spirits is that there own mind and spirit does not believe based on early conditioning and two that they are afraid mentally to believe.

That is okay, the mind will protect those that are, it has defenses, so we can get on with our lives. However to some others who are born with it or thrown away old conditioning it leaves them open more so to what is really there, if they choose to pursue it that is.

In a way it is like a little kid before any major conditioning, they can have myriads of experiences with spirits or ghosts and as they grow up these types of experiences fad with belief and mental conditioning. Okay so that is it with that topic, if you have questions on this topic further then shoot your questions below, if not do not forget to subscribe or browse our site.

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An analysis of the different viewpoints of what happened to the missing people

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