A research on co active coaching by laura whitworth

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A research on co active coaching by laura whitworth

Our ever-complex world needs new multi-dimensional ways to be even more responsive and purposeful as we create life-enriching futures. Here is a leadership book that comes from a deeper place.

Leaders, in their perspective, are those who take responsibility for their world.


Across industries, companies are replacing the model of top-down control with a model of collaborative synergies. There is no star CEO directing activities, rather, the organizing intelligence of the star comes from the interactions within community.

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Co-Active Leadership shows each of us how to move into this form of consciousness. Karen and Henry wrote the book on coaching, and this current work extends their thinking and research into leadership. This is a chance to learn from the masters.

Clearly written with practical anecdotes, this is a must read for anyone seeking to be a true leader.

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What a gift for anyone thinking about leadership. This book will help transform your approach to leadership as well as provide an excellent resource on Co-Active Leadership.

The following complimentary resources are provided to help you grow and transform your leadership. Wired for Authenticity Assessment — A 5-minute assessment to help you grow your self-awarness.

Mentor TV — Watch prominent leaders share advice on key leadership challenges. Leadership Blog — Join the thousands who follow our leadership blog. Through their pioneering work in coaching and their practical experience leading hundreds of leadership programs, they have inspired thousands to generate full self-expression, a deep sense of interconnectedness, and an ability to be responsible for their world.

A research on co active coaching by laura whitworth

CTI is now a global coaching and leadership development organization offering programs in 18 different countries. More than 4, people have completed the Co-Active Leadership Program and are bringing Co-Active Leadership principles to organizations, governmental agencies, educational settings, nonprofits, coaching clients, and families around the world.The term "Co-Active" refers to the fundamental nature of a coaching relationship in which the coach and coachee are active collaborators.

In Co-Active coaching, this is a relationship — in fact an alliance — between two equals for the purpose of meeting the coachee's needs.4/5(2).

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When we coach, we offer the rare gift of listening deeply. The first time I shared the Three Layers of Deep Listening Model (adapted from chapter 3 of Co-Active Coaching, by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House and Phillip Sandahl) with workshop participants, I asked them to remember the last time they had listened to someone at Level 2.

A research on co active coaching by laura whitworth

The foundation of all of CTI's training, the Co-Active Model is being applied in business, education, medicine, government, communities and families around the world. CTI's world headquarters are in San Rafael, California. Co-active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey-House Davies-Black Pub., - Business & Economics - pages/5(7).

MU Grade Distribution Application Sunday, November 11, Term. "Co-Active Leadership forces you to re-evaluate what’s important at work and home and provides an invaluable tool for those with a strong desire to lead at any level.".

Neuroscience Research Supports Co-Active Coaching as Tool for Change | CTI